Since 2012, I have been facilitating a Poetry Writing Group at our wonderful library. We meet the first Monday of the month, currently on Zoom as well as in person in the Grove Room. I truly cherish this monthly activity. It is an opportunity for poets to share their work in a non-judgemental environment. Over time, this community of mutual support has strengthened. Covid hit us hard, but we persevered on Zoom. Gradually, people are returning to the library, and new people are attending in person and on Zoom.

The group is open to everyone, no matter what their experience in writing poetry might be. I am always thrilled to welcome a new person, and it is a delight to watch people find words they never knew they had inside. It never ceases to amaze me when people respond to a prompt I have created, often turning out a draft of something wonderful in the 15-20 minutes of writing time. Sharing is always optional.

The format of the group is simple. At the beginning of the meeting, all poets are invited to share a poem they have written. After all the poems have been shared, I present a variety of poems by established poets that relate to my theme for the evening. The next step is to hand out a prompt, and everybody writes, usually about 15 minutes. I watch to see that most everyone is finished, and then those who wish to share what they’ve written will do so. Feedback is positive and appreciative.

Poets get to know one another and make new friends, respecting their differences and learning how to tap into their individual creative processes.

Our next meeting will be Monday February 6. Please join us!

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