Mother’s Day 2022

Happy Mother’s Day
To all who have nurtured others
along the way
Who have listened to children’s patter
Encouraging them to talk
Sharing their young dreams
Happy Mother’s Day
To those who have never
given birth in body
Yet have done so in spirit
Adopting orphans
Housing refugees
Happy Mother’s Day
To those who have
given guidance to teens
Mentoring minions in their careers
Calming their fears
To those who have been a mother bear
Without bearing a baby
To teachers and clergy
To neighbors and friends
To nurses and doctors
First responders and school counselors
To aunties and nannies
To sisters and soulmates
To all who keep vigil
To the village that never sleeps
Happy Mother’s Day to single fathers
Struggling daily to be both parents
Happy Mother’s Day to same sex couples
Risking censure raising their children
Happy Mother’s Day
To those who understand  
thoughts unspoken
For what is it to be a mother?
To give without getting
Yes what is it to be a mother?
To reach inside and share
The best of who you are
For motherhood means
Unconditional love

by Gareth Mann
Elgin Poet Laureate 2022-2024
Copyright May 8, 2022

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